niedziela, 15 sierpnia 2010

What's right and what's wrong?

I still hope that i made right decision a few months ago. I know it is better for me but sometimes, on days like this, i can feel that i was wrong. Maybe i was blind and annoyed because of my situation and some ppl. Now, i don't actually know why i left. I think it wasn't that important as the escape. I wish i would be more careful in the future, but i know that is impossible. I'm just too immature to make right decisions. It wont change for the rest of my life and i'm okay with that, but i want just one great pick. Maybe in case of love. Yes, I wish the only one right decision in my life will cover the love stuff. I wanna the best man ever in my life. Musican or a poet? Or just hipster. Somebody who will love me without words and sounds. Just to keep quiet together and love without the rest.

Am i happy now? I am not but i doubt if i ever will. Happy is not what ... will make me happy. I want just peace in my life and static in love. Thats what i'm waiting for.

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