piątek, 18 czerwca 2010

Brilliant Kid

"Wherever you are, whatever you've done, you should't care about what was in the past. Because you are amazing person, one on the million. You can change every one second of future only if you really want it."
I heard that many times before i finally belived in those words. Yesterday, with a few words i've changed my life despite of what i fucked up in this year. Yes i am amazing, i'm confused that i didn't saw that earlier. I am fucking good in every aspect of my life. I can get everything what i want.
It's pretty cool, huh?

wtorek, 15 czerwca 2010

Just me, myself and i

In my own dreadful land, still. But i love it. My only and the best friend left me. Now she'll live in England for 3 months of even more. I can't wait to be alone in empty house full of scary sounds and shadows. I think i may be crazy or sth. Maby it's because of drugs or pottle. But it doesn't matter. Mad or not i'm still the best person ever after my move out from my mother's house. Two days of studying left. Tomorow Atmasfera in Katowitz and later, 26th June ---> Crystal Castles. I'm so in love with Alice. No i'm bot bi or les, but she is sooo cute. Okay, time to shut up ^. However their music is so splendid. They are brilliant. I'm so happy that they will rock in my city before their gig in Warsaw.
Thank you guys so much for your miusic, you are brilliant!

xoxo, Alfie

piątek, 4 czerwca 2010

lost in city of sinners and wicked lovers

I moved out of the my mother house. I couldn't stand there anylonger. Now i'm living all alone in my own flat. I feel so much better when i'm waking and nobody no wheezes under my head that i'm selfish, lazy and useless. I hate it btw. It is my life and
no one should care about how and what im doing with it. So fuck off mother and you, you fucking stepfather. Go fuck eachother and leave my lazy life in my wicked hands. I'll survive by myself, without yours letters.

Luv ya, Alfie