czwartek, 24 lipca 2014

It was failure, and It will be again

Like I said, it was failure. I failed that exam so hard that I don't want to think about it anymore. I passed it year later. With a lame grade but always. It suits me. I have dealt with it and accepted my fate. It was painful to accept the fact that I'm am not god enough for my dreams and aims. But I have pulled myself together and I passed that damned exam, with E grade, but I have it behind me and I can forget about it. The thing that bothers me now is that I haven't passed 3 exams. Business (which consist of business language, economy, and commercial correspondence), French (which consist of writting language: vocabulary and grammar, and oral examination), History of USA. The last one got me collapsed inside. I love USA so much, but I was to lazy to learn it's history, which is not so long comparing to history of Poland and Britain that I had to learn once in the past. I've got 1 month to learn all of this shit and pass or else I will be stopped again. They won't let me pass semester, I won't get conditional credit and I will stay on 1st year once again. Or even worse. I will be thrown out of Uni. That would mean that I have had wasted two precious years of my miserable life. So keep your fingers crossed so I won't end up as my family worse nightmare.