czwartek, 6 maja 2010

Little bit crazy

A new chapter of completely new life? Yeah, would like to. Would like to forget, to turn away from what it was and run as fast as possible, but it is not possible. Past ran as fast as me, bah! Sometimes even faster. Ahead of me and in the in the least expected time falls on me at the crossroads, on the bus, on the market. I hate this sense of humor. Can't i really live like a normal eighteen?. Oh, throughout this period of time I became a mature person to not be able to keep calm and be ike i should be . Why is the age of eighteen years is the age of maturity while I do not feel mature with what has happened in the past and what probably will happen in the near future. Again, I go where I should not have to go and then I can be sure that past wait there for me and will be to return with redoubled force.
Totally irresponsible, thoughtless and terribly immature woman with a awful past on her backpack.
Cool, just wait until someone finds me as insane and sent to a psychiatris. They will find 876788676632 phobia, even more problems and I in all this, not with the reasons for mental status, and the throng of diseases. And me, in all of these problems gonna get crazy as soon as it possible. Then you could call me madman.
Hey! Do you like that feeling when someone still salking you and can not stop. Something like a hamster in a spinning wheel, but that a hundred times more, and a hundred times faster. Me neither. Also, get off me and take care of your own live because it is much more crushed than mine.

Full of hope and of sound mind.

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