poniedziałek, 24 maja 2010

Mommy, please don't cry. I can't talk with you when you cry, now i need to focus on school and my future and stop thinking about what i've done. I hope that you will done with drinking because it's the main reason of my escape from house. To not looking what you and your husband doning with your life, it makes me mad. I couldn't think about anything else. If you want to know, i'm not feeling here good, because you're not here with me. But I can not live with you because your husband doesn't understand what was happening to me when i see you're killing yourselves. Maybe I do not understand what is happening in the company, in the home, but I understand perfectly that alcohol does not helps you, it buried alive everything what you've got with no possibility of retreat, like me not with you. I do not want to burden you by any guilt for what happened, I just ask you to think about all things which happend in last year, and try to see what i saw whan you was drunk.

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